Car Insurance Tips

Is finding the right insurance slowing you down?! My tips and tricks will get you up to speed in no time.

You Might Not Be Able to Get Out of Paying Car Insurance, but You Can Make the Payments Less Painful

Every driver in every state is required to have car insurance. If you don’t have the auto insurance coverages you need, it’s time to engage in auto insurance and find a session. You can get anonymous auto insurance quotes online if you are looking for the best possible price on your coverage. There are good and bad credit insurance companies, so make sure to do your research and choose wisely.

Don’t wait for the best time to get car insurance quotes. You need that insurance to stay legal as well as to protect you against accidents and other issues with your vehicle. If you don’t have liability insurance, for example, you could be out many thousands of dollars to pay for medical costs and property damage costs for someone else after an accident.

You should also have collision insurance, though this is rarely required by law. This protects your own vehicle in case of an accident. Liability coverage doesn’t pay for the damage to your own vehicle, but collision coverage does. You need this coverage so that you can have your vehicle repaired or replaced after an accident. When you have the right coverage, you have fewer things to worry about.

Insurance tip

If you own a car, then you need car insurance. I did not realize this when I was 15 years old and chomping at the bit to have a car. I thought it was optional, like life insurance! So if like me you are not keen on the idea of hemorrhaging money into car insurance, then there are several insurance tips that I can share with you.

1. If at all possible, be added on to a plan.

When I first started paying for car insurance it was to my mother. She had me and my car listed underneath her insurance plan and so it only cost me about 50 dollars a month. I was fortunate enough to go straight from the plan my mother had to a plan that my husband and I got together. In some ways the car insurance is like a cell phone bill. When you add a line, or add a car, there are sometimes, but not always, discounts to be enjoyed.

It all depends on the insurance carrier you choose. However, in most cases it would be less expensive to get a car insurance plan with someone else than it would be for both of you to get insurance plans separately. Of course, use caution. Joining a plan held by your parent or significant other would be smarter than a plan that your friend has.

2. Pay your insurance every six months, or once a year if possible.

For whatever reason car insurance companies will charge you more money to pay in smaller installments than if you pay in large ones. For this reason I always choose to pay for insurance on an annual or six month basis. This can result in either small or large savings depending on your carrier and how much you are paying in car insurance overall. I know that for myself I save about 60 dollars by choosing to pay in six month increments.

3. Shop around.

What seems like common sense is often neglected by new car insurance customers. Shopping around to get the best rate on your car insurance is perhaps the easiest way to save some money. The problem is that people get stressed out when they know they have to do more work. Light some candles. Pour some wine. Sit down at your computer and get yourself ready for a relaxing and casual evening of searching for car insurance. You will do fine.

Following these car insurance tips does not guarantee that you will have the most affordable car insurance available. No insurance tips out there are going to save you if you get into a car accident every other month. However, if you are a responsible driver looking to save a little money, then these tips can help you to do that.

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