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How to Value Your Personal Injury Case

In this video, you will learn about personal injury cases. When a client is seriously injured in an accident, they will have a lot of questions. One question that is in every client’s mind is how much their case is worth. A personal injury case is about money.

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Clients wish it was about something different. They wish it was about erasing the harm that was caused to them. Clients never wanted this to happen to them, they just wish their case never happened in the first place. Lawyers can’t erase what happened. How much money will you get it is a completely appropriate question. There is a formula that the jury and courts use for settlements. It is based on a few factors. Lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering are how these are calculated. Pain and suffering are difficult to calculate. The jury has to decide what the harm was. The scales of justice are what is used. It is the jury and the insurance company’s job to balance out their scales. There are things we can use to guide us in the process. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading this for more information.

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