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Group Health Plans Can Benefit Your Company

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A Strategic Counsel survey found that 91% of Canadian citizens prefer their healthcare system over a U.S. style system. However, approximately 50% of all Canadian businesses are concerned about the level of health care coverage for their employees, and often want to offer group health plans that will supplement the basic coverage.
The Canadian healthcare system provides basic health care and medical coverage with no deductibles and extremely low or non existent co pays. In addition, pharmaceutical medications are covered by public funds for the elderly or indigent Canadians.
Most businesses consider group health plans to be very important to their companies. Additional group health plans can add more coverage to the basic plans, so that employees will have a more robust healthcare coverage. These group health plans can provide employee benefits that will cover things like braces costs or dental implants costs that are not covered under the Canadian health care plan.
Group health plans can be very important to companies in many other ways. In addition to the benefits for providing cost coverage as mentioned above, these plans can play a big role in employee retention as well as recruitment. Employees who are enrolled in group health plans will often be happier knowing that management has their best interests in mind. Group health plans can also keep employees healthier which means a reduction in absences.
Many potential employees will look at group health plans as a very positive aspect of companies they may be considering. By providing these plans, your company can attract a very high quality workforce.
There are many companies that can help you find group health plans that can benefit your company. These companies can also help you find cost savings for all of your benefit programs, including life insurance. They may be able to help you with administrative functions of administering group health plans so that you can again save money, yet still offering these important benefits.
Do not hesitate any longer. Find a company that can help you find supplemental health plans for your company. Your employees will be very grateful, and will in turn help make your company successful.

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