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Fire Classes, Informing the Workforce

Fire safety classes

Fires are sudden and traumatic events to be witness to. With proper training and planning, through methods like fire safety classes, workers can be advised on what to do in case of emergency. Fire classes can offer consultations on plans and evacuation routes that are already in place. An efficient evacuation in emergency situations helps first responders and may save lives.

Fire safety training can help businesses avoid costly false alarms, and inform them on how to properly run fire drills. Fire classes may offer curriculum taught with lectures, handouts and fire safety videos. Employees who participate in fire classes can find invaluable information, like what to do if stuck in an elevator if an emergency stops their service.

Fire classes teach employees how to implement and respond to an emergency action plan. These action plans may involve communication strategies, how to contact emergency services, ensure that evacuation is orderly, and how to ensure that an evacuation is complete. Fire classes will teach individual to identify potential fire hazards, and inform them on how to ensure evacuation routes remain unrestricted.

Fire classes may also instruct on proper uses and types of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. Depending on the size and source of fire there are different tactics to use. Fire classes may also outline uses of hoses and standpipes if their facility is equipped with them.

These classes may also offer information on when to use handheld devices or when to flee and call professional firefighters. Snap judgement is important in emergency situations, and having an informed workforce can keep minor issues from becoming raging blazes. Fire classes can also teach basic medical attention to provide colleagues before medical care can be sought. Providing information on blood borne illness and proper care of burns and wounds can be very helpful in emergency situations.

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