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Keep a Healthy Lifestyle and Get a Good Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance cost

Thinking about life insurance plans might be more important than you think. Life insurance cost is cheaper the earlier you get life insurance coverage. It’s vitally important that we all do everything we can to live a healthy lifestyle, and that we know our life insurance plans and the options available.

  • Get checked for chronic conditions that can affect your health. One in every three adults in the United States has pre-diabetes. But most have no idea. America has the world’s highest chronic health condition rates, with 87% of older people reporting at least one and 68% reporting two or more. Chronic conditions account for more than two-thirds of costs in health care, and for seniors especially. For them, 95% of their health care costs are for chronic diseases. The key to managing these conditions is finding out about them as early as possible and intervening.
  • For the best shot at staying healthy, remember to eat well and to exercise. The recommended amount of fruit for everyone is one to two servings a day. For vegetables, that amount is two to two and a half cups. It’s also important to eat enough protein, and more as we age, while minimizing refined carbohydrates and sugar and eating healthy, natural fats. Don’t forget the 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least three days a week.
  • Do what you can to avoid depression. One in every seven people from the baby boomer generation are being treated for depression. While depression can be hard to avoid, it’s helpful to know what to watch out for. Not surprisingly, weekends tend to be our happiest times, and Saturday the happiest day of all. Nearly 60% of all people over 65 make regular time for vacations and trips, which is essential to staying positive and relaxed.
  • Know your life insurance policies and the statistics. Only three out of five people have life insurance, although 34% report they intend to get some in the coming year. However, 86% of people agree that life insurance is important, and life insurance plans can be obtained with benefits at almost any increment you desire. There are life insurance plans as low as $10,000. There are also life insurance plans with benefits that run in the millions.

By 2050, the United States is set to have double the number of people over 65 that it has today. By 2030, one in every five people living in the United States will be over the age of 65. The earlier you start shopping for life insurance plans, the better rates and benefits you’re likely to find. Don’t let your family get caught without a life insurance plan in place to protect them.

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